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Our Volunteer Positions

We are currently looking for volunteers for our Adapted Aquatics program teaching children and adults with various disabilities.

Volunteers receive training to work one-on-one with participants in the water to strengthen and develop basic swim skills. MATC could not run without our amazing volunteers. 

Specialized training will be provided to all volunteers, to ensure that everyone is as prepared to give the highest level of instruction possible. 

SideKicks: Sidekicks can participate alongside a therapist and assist at water safety events. Becoming a sidekick is a great way to get involved in the program and learn more about becoming an instructor. Sidekicks are trained and expected to commit to the schedule provided or to the specific event they have signed up for.

Instructors: Paid Position Instructors have the opportunity to gain knowledge, education, and play therapy experience through teaching adaptive swim lessons, one-on-one aquatic exercise therapy, and running water safety activities. Instructors must have certification in a water safety course through Redcross and be lifeguard certified. Instructors are given training and asked to commit to the schedule provided.

Parents: We are always looking for parents to become periscopes, to help ensure the safety of all patrons. 


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